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Musculoskeletal pain


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Research update: Underdiagnosis of osteoporotic vertebral fractures

Pain specialist and joint editor Dr Karen H Simpson describes a retrospective analysis looking at the relatively high incidence of osteoporotic vertebral fractures in patients with fragility fractures 

Buprenorphine: a review of pharmacology

Buprenorphine is a complex molecule associated with a number of myths about its pharmacology and mechanism of action, write Professor Robert Raffa and Dr Joseph Pergolizzi

Management of pain in older people

In the second of two articles on pain in older people, Dr Aza Abdulla and Dr Wisam Ali discuss various approaches including pharmacotherapy, interventional therapies, psychological interventions and physical activity

Diagnosis and assessment of pain in older people

In the first of two articles on pain in older people, Dr Aza Abdulla and Dr Wisam Ali discuss the diagnosis and assessment of pain, including risk factors for disability, and behavioural and psychological aspects

Is reassurance and advice as effective as paracetamol for relieving acute low back pain?

Pain expert Professor Harald Breivik discusses the reasons why paracetamol and NSAIDs are still valid options for treatment of acute low back pain

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