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Assistant Professor Wojciech Leppert

Joint Editor

Assistant Professor Wojciech Leppert is professor at the department of palliative medicine, Poznań University of Medical Sciences, Poland.

Professor Leppert is involved in teaching palliative medicine and supportive care to medical and nursing students, as well as in the care of patients at an inpatient palliative care unit. He also works at the department of quality of life research at Gdansk Medical University, Poland.

His areas of interest include chronic and cancer pain management, palliative care for older people, quality of life assessment and ethical problems in palliative care patients. He is editor-in-chief of Palliative Medicine in Practice and on the editorial board of several international and Polish Journals. He is the author of over 430 publications.

Date of preparation: February 2017; MINT/PAEU-17013

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